big mistakes to avoid with muscle building

Muscle building can be a great thing. It can keep you healthy and in great shape. Not only that, but it also gets people looking at you, especially the women (or men if you are female). But if you do it all wrong, you will never develop the body you are aiming for.
Lack of Nutrition Nutrition is very important. Food is the energy your body uses to carry on life processes. It also uses food to build muscle. Make sure to eat a lot of protein and to take in enough fat. By fat I mean the “good” fats. Not that crap that you find in fast food meals. Fats like olive oil is recommended.
Lack of Focus People tend to lose focus. This means that they don’t take their body building goals seriously enough. They are unaware of what they can achieve. Because of this, they do not stick to their routines and lose time doing other things. Make sure to focus on the body you want. Every time you think, also think about your dream body and be aware of what it will take in order to make it happen.
Not Monitoring Progress You need to monitor the progress you make or you will not know when you are on track or off track. Make sure to measure and weight yourself when you first start out. Measure the girth of your arms, waist, and of course your weight. Keep a tab on these stats every month.
Not Enough Exercise You need to workout at least one hour a day. It is not enough to do 30 minutes. 30 minutes is just too little to make any significant progress. You must also make sure to do enough exercises. Do at least 5.
Wearing the Wrong Clothes Make sure you wear stretch clothes so you do not injure yourself. I also recommend you wear the right shoes. Remember to wash your gym clothes at least once a week too.
If you avoid these mistakes, they you will save a lot of time and effort and be that much closer to achieving the results you want to achieve.